You were guided to this site for a reason. Whether you believe in God and angels, Spirit and spirit guides, or just the mystery of human nature and our ability tap into our subconscious, my job is to use my intuitive gifts to tap into that guidance and to share it with you.


I am an intuitive (“psychic”) reader who uses his gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and sometimes mediumship – along with tools such as Tarot and Oracle cards – to provide insightful intuitive readings for you. These readings can help you gain clarity and understanding about different aspects of yourself and your life.


So many of us become prisoners of our minds and our egos: trapped by self-doubt, confusion, fear, worry, anger or regret. We plow forward in our stressful everyday lives, often so consumed with thoughts of the past or the future that we lose our ability to see the present clearly and to know if we’re going in the right direction. It is easy to lose touch with our own intuition and our inner guidance in the modern world. An intuitive reading from Nurturing Visions offers the chance to see things more clearly than you are able to see on your own.


A good intuitive reading can help you see your self, your life, and other people or situations as they truly are so you can find the best path forward towards growth – in relationships, career, family or whatever area you need direction or clarity.


Please check out the site for some helpful articles I have written, or testimonials from others who have received readings. And if you feel you can benefit from some direct intuitive guidance of your own, I offer several options for live readings or custom e-mail readings.


Thank you for visiting this site and I look forward to serving you.


Peace and light.

Tim Thomas

Nurturing Visions