I believe we are all born with intuitive (“psychic”) abilities although they are easier to access for some than for others. Society conditions us – particularly men – to ignore, mistrust, or suppress our intuition. Despite being an extremely sensitive child capable of great empathy and insight, and despite success helping others through intuitive Tarot card readings in my teens, I suppressed my own intuitive gifts for many years.

But even though my intuition was buried, it never left me. My ability to see through the surface level to the heart of other people and situations pushed me inevitably higher and higher up the corporate ladder. But it wasn’t until synchronicity brought me, now a skeptic, to a renowned psychic medium several years ago that I began to understand and embrace my own intuition. Her first words to me were “You see things, don’t you?” and she proceeded to blow my mind by connecting with my loved ones on the other side and providing very accurate information that completely defied logic.

She helped me realize I had been ignoring or suppressing my abilities for much of my life. My world changed dramatically as I unlocked the door to my intuition as an adult. Through years of meditation, study, and training I was able to fully understand, accept and embrace my intuition for the first time. I realized that we are all energetically connected, that our life’s journeys are about Love and learning, that we control our destiny and the future is never set in stone, and that I was meant to help people through intuitive guidance.

I began to give intuitive Tarot readings again people began to tell me that my style of reading was very supportive and nurturing so I adopted the name “Nurturing Tarot”. As I deepened my intuition and opened to spiritual guidance, I realized that I was clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient and that I could pick up intuitive information directly even without tools like Tarot: seeing visions, hearing voices, feeling or sensing information, sometimes even connecting with loved ones or guides on the other side. While I still like to use Tarot in most readings, I adopted the name “Nurturing Visions” to better encompass this broader focus of intuitive information.

I have been continually humbled by the response, validation, and feedback I have received from those for whom I have had the privilege of reading over the years. I am continually amazed at the power of intuitive readings as a tool for psychic and spiritual guidance, and I am eternally grateful that I embraced the ability to receive and interpret these intuitive messages for others.

My goal is to nurture you and help you gain important insight through intuitive readings. I cannot make decisions for you (nobody can but you), but I do give practical advice in addition to intuitive impressions to help you make the best decisions and feel good about them. I can help you understand your life, your self, people around you, your goals, your feelings, and particularly any problems or struggles that that may be holding you back – consciously or otherwise. Most importantly, I can help you use that information to live your best life and become your best self.

So please take a look around at my web site. I have a blog here with articles I wrote about intuition, meditation, and spirituality. If you feel drawn to receive some intuitive guidance of your own, you can request a live reading or an e-mail reading.  Or check out some testimonials and see what others are saying after getting their readings.

Thank you so much for visiting this site. I hope you find something here that brings you peace and light.

Tim Thomas