Do You Feel Safe?

How Safe Do You Feel Right Now? We live in times where just watching the news or checking social media can be extremely scary and leave us feeling the world is falling apart. After years of doing intuitive readings for others, I realize they all generally had one thing in […]

Psychics, Mediums, and Intuitives – Oh My!

Psychics, Mediums, and Intuitives – Oh My! Psychics. Mediums. Psychic mediums. Intuitives. Tarot/Angel/Oracle card readers. When getting a “psychic” reading, it can be confusing trying to understand the different types of people and the services they offer. So what are the differences? There are exceptions, but I will attempt to break down the […]

Is Your Tarot Deck Evil?

Can a Tarot Deck Be Evil? The simple answer is “no, not really” but the larger answer is a bit more complex. Tarot cards are generally perfectly safe despite the fears some have (often due to their religious upbringing). However, I have personal experience that shows care must be taken […]

Are You Being Authentic?

The older I get, the more I value authenticity. I have been receiving signs emphasizing the importance sharing information about authenticity with others. I knew this was something I wanted to write about, but I was having a difficult time getting started. Then when I began writing this post, I discovered […]

6 Bad Reasons to Seek a Psychic Reading

People are drawn to get psychic readings for various reasons. But I am often shocked when I see certain websites or posts on social media from so-called psychics that cater to people seeking intuitive guidance for what I consider to be all the wrong reasons. There are many reasons people […]

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Psychic Reading By E-mail

My History of Written Readings When I did my first psychic readings almost 30 years ago, I naturally preferred writing them down. This was in the stone age prior to the Internet so I would actually hand write them with pen and paper! The most amazing messages would come when […]

Use Tarot to Learn Clairvoyant Reading for Yourself and Others

INTRO Tarot cards are a great tool for getting intuitive messages. Their rich history combined with the myriad of beautiful artful decks make it an ideal tool for giving intuitive psychic readings. But sometimes Tarot card readers tell me they struggle with doing readings for themselves or with learning to […]

Trick to Calm Your Mind for Meditation

Meditation is Key to Intuitive Development Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a big advocate of meditation. I do it every day and I firmly believe everyone can benefit from regular meditation – even if it is only for five minute a day. And I believe it […]

Don’t Be So Sensitive!

“Don’t Be So Sensitive!” This was a phrase I heard early and often. Family or friends often could not understand how I could become so upset about something that seemingly had nothing to do with me. Growing up, I was always a particularly sensitive kid. Looking back, I can recall […]