E-mail Readings

Yes, my clients tell me e-mail readings work just as well as live interactive readings! In fact, most of the testimonials on this site are from clients who have received email readings. All it takes is the intention from you in purchasing a reading, and this allows me to make a connection to ensure you will receive the intuitive guidance you need. These readings often start with direct guidance from Spirit (sometimes from loved ones on the Other Side) and can also be tailored to answer questions or address specific topics.

E-mail readings are convenient, affordable, and don’t need to be scheduled. And my clients tell me they appreciate having written readings to refer back to at any time without worrying about memorizing, recording, or taking notes. (In fact, I wrote a whole blog post on the advantages of getting readings by e-mail).

Please note the following before purchasing an e-mail reading:

  • E-mail readings are now scheduled like appointments in order to allow the use of gift certificates.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older and readings must be about YOU. I cannot answer questions directly about others unless it is in the context of you or your relationship with them. I do offer gift certificates if you’d like to purchase a reading on behalf of someone else, but the request for the actual reading must come from the person receiving the reading.
  • During the purchase process, you may submit a question and/or provide information about your situation. This is purely optional.
  • If something is unclear in your reading and you have questions, I will do my best to follow-up and provide additional clarity via email

Because e-mail readings are not as interactive as other reading types, I offer different types to help ensure we address any primary areas of interest or concern:

Please note “appointment” date/time for e-mail readings is just a placeholder representing when your reading will be completed and delivered to you.