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It makes me very happy to be able to use my gift to help people. Some of the recent comments I have received on readings are listed here.


Recent Feedback from Readings


The details you picked up on – literally insane! And I really appreciate you elaborating this stuff to me. It is so fascinating honestly and I really a pick me up… It is nice to know there are others on the other side who are looking out for me. Your message is something I seriously needed in my life right now. I seriously appreciate you taking the time to give me such a detailed response and it has me thinking now. Thank you very much! ” Alan R.


“This [mediumship description in e-mail reading] sounds exactly like my grandfather. I pretty much cried when you mentioned the child with spaghetti on her face. There is a photo from when I was a small child sitting at their table with spaghetti sauce all over me. I am honestly in tears (happy ones though). Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift.” Emily S.


“I’m at work. And you’ve brought tears to my eyes. I think you are… spot on. It warms my heart that [my mother on the other side is] proud of me and approves of my choices. Thank you so much. 🙂 ” Lydia M.


“Thank you so much for doing it, spookily accurate.” Robyn L.




“I was blown away by your accuracy! It was so accurate and things I hadn’t even shared with my closest friends. You are very talented!… It’s almost freaky how good your reading was. I don’t believe I have ever received such an accurate reading before…” – C.H.


“Wow. Just… Wow. Everything you’ve said has filled me with hope… [The Reading] was filled with complete accuracy.”– Sean


“I highly recommend this reader– extremely accurate, highly intuitive.” Sue K.


“…That really resonates with me! …You truly have a gift.”– E.Z.


Wow! That was spot-on!” – SB


“Well done! Excellent reading overall… You hit very close to home. Keep up the good work!” – Alex C.


“Yep, you nailed that one… I think you get a “wow” for that reading.” – William S.


“Darn accurate!… you helped me resolve a fight with my significant other. So, go forth and rock that gift! I’m sure you’ll have many more people who’ll be thankful for it. :)”– D.L.


“…100% spot on. – C.R.


“Wow! Thank you so much… That is just amazing. Thank you for the advice!” – S.R.


This gives me hope that I will move from this. I found your reading very true to how I am feeling.”– Kelly


“Over all very in-tune :)” –Heather


“Wow… That was completely right on… This is definitely a reading I will keep to look back on in this turning point in my life.” – S.H.



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4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  • aelena

    OUTSTANDING. A gifted, caring, thoughtful intuitive that was RIGHT ON with everything they had to say. A true “soul reader” and very much present and genuine. No fluff or false promises here — just straight insight on what you’ve drawn forth. — Anyone looking to make contact with objective, sound, insight — contact Tim at Nurturing Tarot. You won’t be disappointed and MORE THAN worth the price. <3

  • PW

    Very amazing reading! He even picked up on the fact that I was empathic. Everything he said was spot on; he even made me realize some things I was unknowingly doing in my relationship. I now have faith in the future and I will definitely come back for another reading…I’ve already referred some friends. Thank you!