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It makes me very happy to be able to use my gift to help people. Below are some comments that clients have permitted me to share with you…


Recent Feedback from Readings


“My intuitive reading with Tim was, clear, concise, and has proven to be incredibly accurate in the months following my session with him. I would recommend his services to anyone who is seeking truth regarding their authentic self and guidance from Spirit. Thank you Tim 🙏🏼”   Jennifer


“Tim is an absolute treasure!  If you haven’t had a reading with him, I encourage you to, as my experience has been amazingly positive and healing! He is incredibly gifted.  I have found his readings to be both accurate and helpful, and he delivers the messages in a very supportive and encouraging manner.  I’m really grateful to have found him and for the information he has shared with me!  Thanks Tim 🙂   ”    Michelle



The details you picked up on – literally insane! And I really appreciate you elaborating this stuff to me. It is so fascinating honestly and I really a pick me up… It is nice to know there are others on the other side who are looking out for me. Your message is something I seriously needed in my life right now. I seriously appreciate you taking the time to give me such a detailed response and it has me thinking now. Thank you very much! ” Alan R.


“This [mediumship description in e-mail reading] sounds exactly like my grandfather. I pretty much cried when you mentioned the child with spaghetti on her face. There is a photo from when I was a small child sitting at their table with spaghetti sauce all over me. I am honestly in tears (happy ones though). Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift.” Emily S.


“I’m at work. And you’ve brought tears to my eyes. I think you are… spot on. It warms my heart that [my mother on the other side is] proud of me and approves of my choices. Thank you so much. 🙂 ” Lydia M.


“Thank you so much for doing it, spookily accurate.” Robyn L.




“I was blown away by your accuracy! It was so accurate and things I hadn’t even shared with my closest friends. You are very talented!… It’s almost freaky how good your reading was. I don’t believe I have ever received such an accurate reading before…” – C.H.


“Wow. Just… Wow. Everything you’ve said has filled me with hope… [The Reading] was filled with complete accuracy.”– Sean


“I highly recommend this reader– extremely accurate, highly intuitive.” Sue K.


“…That really resonates with me! …You truly have a gift.”– E.Z.


Wow! That was spot-on!” – SB


“Well done! Excellent reading overall… You hit very close to home. Keep up the good work!” – Alex C.


“Yep, you nailed that one… I think you get a “wow” for that reading.” – William S.


“Darn accurate!… you helped me resolve a fight with my significant other. So, go forth and rock that gift! I’m sure you’ll have many more people who’ll be thankful for it. :)”– D.L.


“…100% spot on. – C.R.


“Wow! Thank you so much… That is just amazing. Thank you for the advice!” – S.R.


This gives me hope that I will move from this. I found your reading very true to how I am feeling.”– Kelly


“Over all very in-tune :)” –Heather


“Wow… That was completely right on… This is definitely a reading I will keep to look back on in this turning point in my life.” – S.H.



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4 thoughts on “Testimonials

  • aelena

    OUTSTANDING. A gifted, caring, thoughtful intuitive that was RIGHT ON with everything they had to say. A true “soul reader” and very much present and genuine. No fluff or false promises here — just straight insight on what you’ve drawn forth. — Anyone looking to make contact with objective, sound, insight — contact Tim at Nurturing Tarot. You won’t be disappointed and MORE THAN worth the price. <3

  • PW

    Very amazing reading! He even picked up on the fact that I was empathic. Everything he said was spot on; he even made me realize some things I was unknowingly doing in my relationship. I now have faith in the future and I will definitely come back for another reading…I’ve already referred some friends. Thank you!